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Steve Whitmeyer

Dr. Steven J. Whitmeyer

Contact Information

Associate Professor and Ireland Field Course Director
Geology and Environmental Science
James Madison University
395 South High St., MSC 6903
Harrisonburg, VA 22807

Office phone: 540-568-7119
Fax: 540-568-8058
email: whitmesj_at_jmu.edu (replace _at_ with @)

Research Interests

Building global plate tectonic reconstructions and developing associated educational resources.
Development of digital mapping techniques and 3D and 4D visualizations, and their incorporation into field geology
    curricula and research.
Bedrock mapping of the Virginia Blue Ridge to Valley and Ridge transition, with special focus on deformation related
    to the Blue Ridge thrust system.
Analysis of deformation and shear zone fabrics using macro- and micro-structural evidence, metamorphic petrology,
    and geochronologic techniques.

Research Field Locations

Appalachians of Northeastern and Southeastern North America
Caledonides of Western Ireland
Proterozoic basement of Southwestern United States
Eastern Sierras Pampeanas of Argentina

Courses taught at James Madison University

GEOL 110: Physical Geology
GEOL 110H: Physical Geology Honors
GEOL 167: History and Philosophy of the Geosciences
GEOL 210: Applied Physical Geology
GEOL 365: Structural Geology
GEOL 398: History of Plate Tectonics
GEOL 399: Field Course in Ireland
GEOL 415: Geological Evolution of North America
GEOL 387: Stratigraphy, Structure, Tectonics
GEOL 388: Advanced Structure, Stratigraphy, Tectonics
GSCI 104: Geology of JMU